Addition of a roof to build a terrace garden




Addition of a roof to build a terrace garden

Suprita’s terrace is a multipurpose space with different nooks created for an introverted person.

Blessed with a Terrace but confused on how to make it beautiful, Suprita approached me with her dream of having a spacious terrace garden, which could be utilised for recreation as well as professional purpose.
As a fitness trainer, she wanted to have a studio that keeps the ambience cooler and increases fresh air circulation. The strategic placement of potted plants set against a soothing green turf captures nature in an inspiring manner. Adding to the lively beauty of the terrace on lower level is the white pebbled edge that provides the garden design a contemporary look.

This terrace exemplifies a conjunction of style, functionality, and greenery. Enhancing the beauty of this intimate space are the artefacts arranged artistically around every corner. Overall this space is designed to connect people and also break the notion of a conventional home office space.