Toll booth design for a 12 lane national highway.


Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)


Solar powered toll booth competition for a 12 lane national highway.

MoRTH is a ministry of the Government of India, that regulates laws relating to road transport, transport research and also to increase the mobility and efficiency of the road transport system in India.

The ministry commissioned a national competition and we were privileged to develop a concept and a visual identity for toll booths using renewable energy for a 12 lane Delhi-Meerut highway, which is a renowned project by the central government of India.
The identity evolved around the concept of Surya Namaskar (Salute to the sun) – A well known posture in yoga . The relationship between the solar powered panels and earth architecture depths to the range of emotions and experiences that a public structure can evoke.This gave us an idea to develop details and create an automated process for toll operations.

The design relates in part to the natural environment but also leverages the technology with state of art facilities for automated operations like smart lighting and fastag entries. Inspired by the intense form of the surya namaskar and the process of operational excellence, the ministry awarded us with the best design along with two other contestants among thousands of participants.