IOT based device for smokers.


Anant National University


Building a design intervention for smokers using IOT based solutions.

Smartrack is a multipurpose IOT based gadget which can store cigarettes and has a powerbank for charging other devices.

Smoking is not a good habit to have and many smokers would love to quit it for good, but simply can’t find a way. Using tools such as smartrack a smoker would be able to seek help with the use of technology to limit / stop smoking gradually.
We worked over one week to develop an innovative product that could be used by all. The smart cigarette case with the inbuilt power bank can access only one cigarette at a time according to a personalised schedule. The case is integrated with a microprocessor which is linked to a mobile app, that gives data of number of cigarettes smoked and the number available in the case.The device can be controlled by the app to predetermine the smoking frequency and to make it interactive with activities to engage the smoker.
Engaging in these activities makes me brainstorm and channel thoughts towards building innovative products.