Space design and innovative lighting.


Giga (Giving Indians Global Access)


Space design and innovative lighting.

Giga Coworking is a community of inspired people from different professional backgrounds.

My involvement with Giga began in its infancy and I was privileged to be involved in some of the earliest conversations surrounding its conception. An incubation and leadership consultancy nestled in North Bangalore, Giga77, a 100 seater coworking space, needed a brand identity that could exist comfortably in the commercial landscape and infrastructure that could showcase innovation. Hence, we used lighting as the highlight of the project by recycling existing materials at site.

The overall identity needed to be refined and a process had to be streamlined depicting the culture of leadership,innovation and collaboration. To highlight the space with lightings we used an old drum kit, electrical conduit pipes and HVAC copper pipes to create fixtures that gave a rustic feel. We used the exposed brick finish walls using recycled bricks and also used art installations with waste GI pipes and plastic waste available at the project site.