Interactive space for entrepreneurs.


Paperplane spaces


An old building converted to a 100 seater co-working space in Bangalore with interactive areas for entrepreneurs.

Paperplane spaces is a community of aspiring entrepreneurs, with infrastructure to collaborate, build and innovate.

Making a shift from old into new is always a challenge and when Gautam first approached us we proposed him with multiple ideas to lease out the space. Like most of our projects we did design thinking and generated multiple ideas and conducted online surveys to gather data for building the first prototype.
We integrated a coworking task management tool and developed a 20 seater space by collaborating with a coworking management company. Over the first two weeks the space witnessed full bookings and we began developing the rest to create a spacious office.
The rooftop has been infused with radiant cooling technology to avoid the use of air conditioner in the building, the space has a lot of reused slotted angle rack partitions which brings a sense of composition and creates a playful atmosphere.