My Story

“It’s ok to create a mess, experiments can lead to beautiful things”- My biology teacher told that to me when I was in high school.
While pursuing Architecture in college, I always wondered what I would do after I graduate? It’s only two years after working as a junior designer in a private firm that I had figured I wanted to become an entrepreneur contributing to the public welfare and impact the infrastructure development space in India. Hence, I took risk to start a venture, in the words of my teacher- “Create a mess”.

My First Venture - Crush Mango

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2013 by collaborating with Swetha — a Business graduate with extraordinary business acumen, and Kushal — a tech-savvy designer. With the roles of a Hustler, Hacker, and Hipster the three of us succeeded in building a team and maneuvered Architecture consultation operations smoothly.
At Crush Mango, the projects included designing public schools, health care buildings, and community parks. My key role was to coordinate with stakeholders including municipal government authorities and the Public Works Department(PWD) contractors. I also created detailed project reports and pitch decks for builders and developers towards their prospective financiers and investors.

My Second Venture - Build-Inn

About two years after I co-founded Crush Mango, a friend of mine proposed a business model to create a platform for the skilled workforce and consultants in the area of construction.
In 2015, during the peak of startup culture in Bangalore, I leveraged the opportunities for entrepreneurs with lean model ideas and started my second venture Build-Inn, whilst staying as a partner at Crush Mango. Build-Inn is a marketplace for homeowners and a skilled workforce, which focuses on interior turnkey space of residential and commercial projects. Also, curating a simple 3 step pre-sales, post-sales, and delivery process increased sales by 40% in the year 2017-2018. My Partner Puja and I successfully implemented the model catering to over 100 customers by leading a team of over 40 professionals.

On-going Research Works

After 7 years, completing over 120 projects at Crush Mango and BuildInn, it was time to re-invent. Learning was always a very fulfilling experience for me. I decided to explore new avenues of the design and construction industry by pursuing a multidisciplinary fellowship program in Built Environment. During the fellowship, I could identify a gap in Construction and Demolition Waste handling in our country.

I conducted research to understand the problem of C&D waste in depth. The method used was primarily dependent on the production and supply chain mapping of construction waste. My team collaborated with an eminent research organization- Development Alternatives(DA), to validate the findings from the centralized and decentralized methods currently being practiced.

At the end of our research, we formulated a working plan for a digital medium that connects waste producers and recyclers. We also developed a model for mobile recycling units that could help in eliminating the transportation cost of waste making – thus making the recycled products cheaper than the virgin material products.

Present - Rohan Shenoy Building Solutions

After completing the fellowship at the end of 2020 and learning the importance of environmental welfare, I intend to grow responsible businesses in the social innovation space. I have begun with my first project, a “Container home” in Sirsi, Karnataka apart from consulting as a research analyst at “Sustain Labs Paris”
This project is anticipated to be completed in March 2020 and it is completely made with recycled materials. The joinery works and other fittings are used from demolished sites and features like recycled bricks, sleeper railway wood and solar panels are being implemented. Along with this project I am working as a research and impact analysis by consulting various traditional organizations to convert them into sustainable organizations.