Four storeyed residence using soil stabilized blocks.


Kiran Prakash


Four storeyed residence using soil stabilized blocks.

Kiran Prakash’s residence is a structure in Bangalore, which has a raw outlook with a blend of concrete and soil.

This residence has a unique, warm, and pragmatic approach which depicts the persona of the client. Their personality is captured in the design and material, which very much creates the atmosphere when one passes through the building. We enjoyed working with them and had a lot of knowledge exchange whilst we visited the site during its construction.
The exposed soil blocks with soil and lime based mortar gives a very earthly look and the exposed concrete finishes in the framework of the building accentuates the facade. The interior slabs have been infused with clay pots to bring about a concept of a filler roof slab, which creates vernacular ambience in a contemporary space.

We introduced a new style of using a hybrid concept of regular framework structure juxtaposed with earth architecture to achieve a higher number of floors and create a contrasting effect throughout.