Integrated township project.


VR Holdings


A concept proposal for an integrated township project .


VR Holdings is a privately held investment company that explores business opportunities across all sectors particularly through acquiring, developing and managing strategic and futuristic real estate properties as well as developing residential projects.

Previously Wellnest, VR Holdings came to us with a new concept and a need to develop an integrated township that encompasses luxurious residences, plotted developments and awe-inspiring social, educational and commercial infrastructure that covers unique needs of people who are fond of driving.

Through the process of designing the layout, we developed a visual walkthrough and a methodology which gave us room to analyse and represent the visual data.

Working from a set of bylaws and urban planning guidelines, we documented data of the area statements and proposed the project in 4 phases. This created the flexibility for VR holdings to test mvp and and acquire more land around wherever necessary.

Working closely with their in-house marketing and development team we provided responsive designs, walkthroughs and detailed project reports for their fundraising and marketing activities.