Container Home

A 2 bedroom homestay using recycled materials.


Jailakshmi and Harish


A 2 bedroom homestay using recycled or reused materials in Sirsi, Karnataka.

Sirsi is a town in the hilly region of North Karnataka in India. It is also known as the “Gateway of Western Ghats” covered with dense forest, which is a home to a wide variety of species and has spectacular spots for camping.

Jailakshmi and Harish came to me with a request of building a home with recycled and sustainable materials. Their requirement gave me an opportunity to experiment with cargotecture- the use of shipping containers in building homes, which is gaining popularity these days.

The project site is rich in biodiversity and has a lot of trees. The main idea was to conserve nature and build the structure by juxtapositioning the shipping container with a tree in the centre. The form contains two containers of 40’ and 20’ in length in two levels, positioned at an angle to each other and the tree passes through the central void making it feel one with nature. 

This is an ongoing project which is anticipated to be completed by May 2021. Most features in this structure are being built using recycled materials, example- the joinery works ,the plumbing and electric fixtures are from a demolished home in a nearby town, the furnitures are being made with sleeper wood from old railway lines, the artefacts are sourced from portals like olx, quickr and facebook marketplace which sells second hand goods.

The main objective of the project is to avoid using virgin materials for construction and make use of circularity to build a home. This project also creates an identity and sets an example in the surrounding region for conserving nature and sourcing materials in a sustainable way.